Best Beaches in Norfolk; Discover the iconic Wells-next-the-Sea Beach, North Norfolk

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Discover the award-winning beach at Wells-next-the-Sea with its long sweeping sandy beach backed by colourful beach huts, dunes and fragrant pinewoods.

Located between Holkham and Stiffkey, Wells-next-the-Sea beach is vast, unspoilt and beautiful. Worthy of anyones ‘must visit’ bucket list!

Days Out At Wells-next-the-Sea Beach Fabulous North Norfolk
Discover the popular gem of the North Norfolk Coast at Wells-next-the-Sea Beach. Nestled along the picturesque coastline, this charming seaside destination offers a unique and unforgettable experience for locals and visitors alike.

Wells-next-the-Sea beach: Exploring this popular gem on the North Norfolk coast

Nestled along the picturesque coastline, Wells-next-the-Sea beach offers a charming seaside destination all year round. From its wide expanses of golden sand to the iconic beach huts dotting the shoreline all framed by an enchanting pine forest, Wells-next-the-Sea beach exudes a timeless charm that captures the hearts of both locals and traveler’s alike.

The character of the beach is dependent on the tide, at low tide you can see acres and acres of golden sandy beach as the water retreats so far; at high tide it can lap just a few yards from the beach huts creating a shallow, lagoon like expanse of water where children and adults alike love to paddle.

Wells is a fabulous, bucket-and-spade beach, a mile from the lively town, famous for its collection of fabulously colourful beach huts and one of the most photographed beaches in the UK.

Nearby Wells-next-the-Sea town is renowned for its bustling harbour, quaint shops, cafes and restaurants many offering delectable seafood offerings all caught locally. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful seaside retreat or an adventure-filled day by the coast with the family, this all year round holiday destinations has it all.

Wells next the Sea Beach Fabulous Norfolk
// Where the sky meets the sea, Wells beach

Wells-next-the-Sea beach, why you should visit:

Discover the allure of Wells-next-the-Sea beach through our top five reasons why this coastal gem deserves a spot on your must-visit bucket list:

  • Scenic beauty: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking natural beauty at Wells-next-the-Sea beach as you take in the sight of the expansive golden sands seamlessly meeting the clear blue waters of the sea and lets not forget our famous, huge Norfolk skies.
  • Quaint beach huts: Reputed to be the most photographed in the UK, stroll along the shore and take a moment to appreciate the charming and iconic beach huts at Wells-next-the-Sea beach, each one adorned with vibrant colors, offering not only a place to change but also picturesque scenes perfect for capturing lasting memories.
  • Nature reserves:: For the nature enthusiasts, there’s the opportunity to venture beyond the beach and explore the adjacent salt marshes and dunes. These areas host a rich diversity of bird species and unique flora, providing a fascinating insight into the local ecosystem.
  • Activities galore: Engage in an array of delightful beach activities that cater to all ages. Whether it’s the thrill of flying kites against the coastal breeze, sculpting intricate sandcastles, enjoying a refreshing swim, or indulging in the simple pleasure of beach combing, there’s something for everyone.
  • Serene ambiance: Escape the urban clamor and find solace in the tranquil ambiance of Wells-next-the-Sea beach. It’s an ideal setting to unwind, allowing the gentle lull of the waves and the expansive horizon to wash away the stresses of everyday life. A true ‘mind tonic’ and we highly recommend the sunsets…anytime of year, Spring and Autumn the most dramatic.

Feeling adventurous? Here’s some suggestions to quash your wanderlust:

Wells next the Sea beach huts at sunset Fabulous Norfolk
// Wells-next-the-Sea beach huts at sunset

Wells-next-the-Sea beach; your questions answered

Wells beach is located approximately one mile from the town, you can walk there along a a raised path with fabulous views over the marshes and big Norfolk skies. The new beach bus service runs from the town to the beach via Beach Road, if you prefer public transport. If you plan to drive, from Wells quay you turn right onto Beach Road, a short drive will bring to Wells Beach car park where you’ll also find the Beach Café.

There is parking at Wells-next-the-Sea beach run by the Holkham estate, chargeable by a pay and display system, all machines accept coins or card. It is located about a mile from the town, for Sat Nav directions enter postcode NR23 1DR. The car park gets booked up fast, especially in summer, so be prepared to get there early.

Toilet facilities at Wells can be found in the main block at the entrance to Wells Beach car park, there are additional toilets open spring to autumn in the pinewoods on the path to the end of the beach huts. The Beach Café serves hot and cold food and drinks with seating both inside and out. The cafe is dog friendly and also has a selection of beach essentials.

Dogs are allowed all year round at Wells next the Sea beach subject to certain restrictions. While a small area of about 200 yards at the entrance of the beach, clearly signposted after this the largest stretch is completely dog friendly offering pooches plenty of opportunity to run free. Breeding season begins for shorebirds starts from April to the end of August where you’ll find roped cordons to protect ground nesting birds, please remain clear of these and keep your dog on a lead.

Wells next the Sea beach is very family and child friendly, with wide expanses of golden sands that remain untouched by the sea even at high tide. Backed by dunes and pine forest it’s the perfect beach to explore and enjoy. There are RNLI Lifeguards on the beach from July to September 10am to 6pm daily. With toilet facilities and a fabulous cafe serving plenty of delish treats, kids will have a day full of adventure at Wells beach.

Crowd levels at Wells-next-the-Sea beach vary. It can be moderately crowded during peak tourist times and weekends, but its size and natural surroundings often offer a more spacious atmosphere compared to busier beaches. Out of season, visit in the evening and you can have the whole beach to yourself. Timing is key!

Yes, Wells-next-the-Sea beach is generally suitable for swimming. The beach offers a gradual slope into the water and has relatively calm and shallow waters, especially during low tide. However, it’s important to note that swimming conditions can vary, so it’s advisable to pay attention to tide timings and local advisories.

Lifeguards are available between 10am and 6pm throughout the summer. You’ll find a Lifeguard hut further down the beach, along with a Coast watch lookout post at the entrance.

Seals are frequently spotted at Wells-next-the-Sea beach, particularly near Holkham National Nature Reserve. Keep an eye out for them sunbathing on sandbanks or swimming during low tide.

To help plan your visit, take a look at the tide times at Wells-next-the-Sea beach on the BBC website >

What is the all important weather like for your visit to Wells next the Sea beach? Stay up to date on the BBC weather website >

How do I stay safe on the beach?

Check the tide times before your visit, follow the safety signs on the beach. Don’t use inflatables at sea. In an emergency dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Sea view apartment, Wells-next-the-Sea Fabulous Norfolk
// Sea view apartment, Wells-next-the-Sea

Holiday cottages, homes & hideaways near Wells-next-the-Sea beach

For those looking to extend their stay and fully immerse themselves in the beauty of Wells-next-the-Sea beach, we showcase a fabulous collection of nearby holiday cottages and hideaways all available for rent. These charming accommodations offer a cozy and comfortable base for your coastal retreat.

Whether you’re traveling as a couple, a family, or a group of friends, there are options to suit every need. From modern apartments with views of Wells-next-the-Sea quayside to holiday cottages with that all important sea view, you’re sure to find the perfect holiday accommodation to make your stay in North Norfolk truly memorable.

For those traveling with furry friendsdon’t worry – there’s a fantastic selection of dog-friendly Norfolk holiday cottages, ensuring that every member of the family can join in the fun.

Staying in a North Norfolk holiday cottage allows you to experience the charm and character of Wells-next-the-Sea town and beach at your own pace. Bliss!

Explore Wells-next-the-Sea beach and unlock the secrets of this enchanting destination on the North Norfolk coast. With its natural beauty, unique features, and a plethora of activities to enjoy, Wells-next-the-Sea beach offers an unforgettable experience for all who visit.

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