Homes with EV Chargers

More of us choosing to go greener by owning an electric car, make your next Norfolk holiday eco-friendly by staying at one these cottages.


North Norfolk homes

Dog friendly cottages

Eco-Friendly Getaways: Norfolk Cottages with EV Charging Points

Make your next holiday in Norfolk eco-friendly by securing a stay at one these handpicked cottages with electric car charging points. Have peace of mind knowing you will be charged and ready to go for the next day’s adventure whilst on holiday.

Travelling to Norfolk in an electric vehicle? Why not book one of the many cottages available with EV charging points throughout the region? From cosy rural hideaways to stylish coastal properties, there’s a Norfolk cottage with an EV charging point perfect for your next holiday!

Being eco-friendly when on holiday in Norfolk

Trying to do your bit for the environment should not be difficult, however finding the perfect cottage, where you can easily charge your car, can be. If you are an owner of an electric car or a plug-in hybrid, worry not! Throughout Norfolk, there are a growing collection of cottage holidays with electric car charging points, something less to think about when coming on a cottage holiday here in Norfolk.

Charge up while you wind down in Norfolk

From cottages by the Norfolk coast to boltholes in the countryside, we have growing collection of cottages with electric car charging points. Browse through our collection and enjoy peace of mind that your electric car will be kept fully charged during your relaxing stay in fabulous Norfolk!

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